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Jean Lain
  • No need to look anymore !

    … Jean Lain has the solution !

    This gimmick is the answer to the brand expectations.
    Jean Lain is the automobile leader in les Deux Savoie, L’ain and l’Isère. Its strength : being a multi-brand group, and proposing a large range of vehicules and services. From new vehicules, to second-hand, but also including a body shop or energetic transition…
    Many occupations, skills and opportunities to address its audience, but also a challenge when it comes to be heard and understood.

    Speaking quickly becomes obvious… No matter the need, Jean Lain has a solution !

  • 03_TWINS
  • 04_ESSENCE
  • 02_PneuHiver
  • New corporate identity charter

    Providing the volume and the range of information produced by Jean Lain within a year, we suggested to homogenize the way of speaking, in the wording first, but also regarding the design.
    We created a complete corporate identity charter, to provide the different contributors with shared guidelines.

    Our desire was to make Jean Lain more easily identifiable beyond it’s logo and its brands…

Jean Lain on your screens!

Jean Lain signature is not brand new but it represents the brand promise : Just Drive.

Just drive means that driving is the only thing you have to do as Jean Lain takes car of all the rest.

Just Drive !

A film campaign

Faced with the difficulty of comprehension (mainly because the signature is written in English for the French Market) and the indirect meaning of the signature, we decided to focus on a communication targeting the promise.
A promise linked to the situation previously stated (Ne need to keep looking… we have the solution).

Our decision, focus on the well being braught by the pleasure to drive, and only to drive!

Brand adaptation

Jean Lain has many brands and just as much dedicated services. Within the many demands we received, one of them was to revisit the wide range of logos for the brand in order to make it more understandable and consistant.

  • Camper Vans

    For each logo creation, we work following the same method. Link the values to the brand objectives.

  • Jean Lain second-hand

    We wanted to highlight the quality of service and the range of second-hand vehicules available at Jean Lain.

  • Digital tools creation

    Naturally, this approach is replicated on digital tools (laptop and mobile devices).

  • COVID 19 – Crisis management

    The group communication has to follow the implemented guidelines.
    The benevolence and the well-being of the clients are sacred rules for the brand.
    This crisis doesn’t change the human engagement of the brand.

    You will still be able to “Just Drive” no matter the context.