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  • Medical treatments get animated

    La Société Secrète has been contracted to script, direct and deliver 3 international TV films for Vemedia, a Dutch pharmaceutical laboratory.
    The main goal was to popularise and simplify the understanding of the actions induced by the medical treatment and make the films easily localisable in different languages.

  • Excilor

    Excilor treats fungal infections.
    La Société Secrète mainly focused on the explanation of the active principle by showing the ease of use of Excilor applicator.
    We suggested customizable animations in term of timing, format and langage. Videos have been broadcasted all over the world.

  • Cystiberry

    Cystiberry is a medical treatment that deals with the sensitive topic of cystitis.
    The agency focused on the symptoms and on the situations when it can be painful.
    Instead of showing the uneasiness linked to this, we preferred to create a familiar avatar.
    It was a way to use it as a kind companion that would be recognizable through different communication formats.

  • Lasocietesecrete_VEMEDIA_cystiberry_01 copie
  • Lasocietesecrete_VEMEDIA_cystiberry_01 copie 2
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  • Valdispert

    One of the most common problems in our society is sleeping disorder. With the arrival of the new substances such as melatonine, Vemdia asked us to create a third video.
    We chose once again to play on words and sounds to give a benevolent explanation. A lady comments on her ritual before going to bed while yawning as she speaks. And as yawning is usually contagious, we aimed at making the viewers yawn as well as the video was broadcasted in the evening.

  • Lasocietesecrete_VEMEDIA_VALDISPERT_01
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